Online Personal Training

Bodyshaping is now offering Online Personal Training!

Turn Small Changes Into Big Results!

Want to Workout but not sure how to….Our program will give a week to week program, customized just for YOU. Get the RESULTS you have been looking for….The Trainer will check in on you during the week to keep YOU accountable, give you your individualized program each exercise has a video to be sure you have the correct form. On the second week the trainer will send a nutritional menu based on your needs and also help with Healthy Habits. Included is an Unlimited Class Pass…Price for the Membership is $50.00

This is what is included:

  • Online Training Customized by Your Trainer 
  • Full workout plans for each week 
  • Every exercise explained by video
  • Client Communication
  • Customized Nutrition Program
  • Create healthy habits for the client
  • Bodyshaping App tracks your workout
  • If you are interested, call 1-888-602-0246 and your trainer will answer your questions and get YOU started!
  • Unlimited class pass
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